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Belfast Political Tour Conflicting Stories


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Understanding Belfast's troubled history,  

a political tour by Republican and Loyalist ex-political prisoners. 

Due to the COVID19 situation, we have suspended all our Regular Conflicting Stories walking tours. Our number one priority is the safety of our guides, guests and the locals' whos daily lives are intertwined with our tours, Please contact us if you would like to book a private tour  We are now also offering this tour in a different format for smaller groups and individuals to ensure everyone's safety. We are offering small group tours taking place in two taxis, one guide from each community, ex-prisoners or ex-soldiers will share with you their own personal stories and their own area we visit all of the places on the original tour and guests will be taken out of the taxis to allow them the same experience. These tours are carried out on a private basis and booking is essential.

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This is a unique opportunity to discover the real story you won't get from history books. 

We invite you to hear first-hand accounts from both sides of this conflicted region, shared by people who were intimately involved in this turbulent period of modern history.

Explore up close, on foot, the world-famous murals that depict the social, political, and cultural history of the city that earns its reputation as the largest, outdoor art gallery in the world and understand the stories behind them.


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Unknown to most, modern-day Belfast remains a divided city. Forty kilometres of a physical wall, up to ten meters high in some locations separates two religious communities living side by side. For more than thirty years, the controversial time is known as "The Troubles" has had a powerful impact on the city and its residents. Very few people, if any, were unaffected by the violence that plagued the area and everyone has a story to tell.

Check out NPR interview with our guides on the tour 

* The recent period known as 'The Troubles' is a very contentious time and is still raw in many peoples minds and hearts, the purpose of this tour is to give the guest insight to why young men and women would voluntary involve themselves in a conflict knowing that it would ultimately lead to their imprisonment at best or potential death.

Any statements and opinions expressed on this tour by the guides are strictly their own and Belfast Free Walking Tour does not endorse any political view, the use of violence, and the promotion of any political agenda. The guides are contracted to share their own personal story of the troubles.