Take a tour in one of Belfast's Black Cabs to visit the murals that tell the social, political and cultural story of the areas with a local who grew up here and has been working in the area for over 25 years. Get an insight into someone's personal life and learn how the the conflict effected the communities.
Minimum charge
£40  3 Passengers, 
£45  4 passengers
£50  5 passengers 
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* The recent period known as 'The Troubles' is a very contentious time and is still raw in many peoples minds and hearts, the purpose of this tour is to give the guest an insight to why young men and women would voluntary involve themselves in a conflict knowing that it would ultimately lead to their imprisonment at best or potential death.

Any statements and opinions expressed on this tour by the guides are strictly their own and Belfast Free Walking Tour does not endorse any political view, the use of violence and promotion of any political agenda. The guides are contracted to share their own personal story of the troubles. 

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